Our IT Solutions and Services dedicated for Marketplaces


Sellingz supports your company in terms of IT Solutions and Tools deployment for Marketplaces. Start automatize your operations.

Customized IT Solutions for Marketplaces fitting your needs

Audit And Consulting

In order to specify your needs and define solutions and implementations according your goals, we study your current tools in order to get closer to your uses and habits.

Then, we provide you a detailed report including several solutions, their budget impact and their deployment processes so that you have all the cards to make your decisions.


Because setting up new tools can take time and need your teams to learn new tools and processes, we support you from A to Z.

Studies, project management, implementations and deployment, we assist you in all stages of your project.


You launched your own tools and you want to upgrade your teams skills?

Depending on your needs, we provide training for your teams on a long term basis to measure actions and lessons one after another and validate achievements.

What kind of IT Solutions for Marketplaces would you need ?


DATA is everywhere and the Marketplaces allow you to generate a lot of that. As DATA can be very deep and technical, we use and deploy the right tools to visualize and learn lessons quickly according your goals and KPI.


In order to reduce time and constraints related to listing products on Marketplaces and its update, we use various services according your products categories and your industry. We advise you, taking into account your activity and your goals, and we integrate the best solutions to meet your needs.

EDI Flows Management

Order automation and billing process is an important step in digitizing your sales processes and your interactions with APIs and Marketplaces systems. In order to facilitate these messages reception and management, we support you during these tools’ implementation.


Because your customer remains the priority, we use and deploy our tools allowing you to communicate and handle issues with them. In order him to be a real market feedback actor rather than a one shot customer.

Our Goals


News IT Tools and Solution must reach a Business Goal before everything else.


Your IT Solution for Marketplaces must be adapted to your processes and teams in order to reach your goals.


Because Scalability is key today to work on Marketplaces, your tools must be adaptable and reactive to it.


Tools must allow your teams and your company to learn more and build new skills over the time.

Do you need to automatize some of your operation ?

Contact us and define the way our tools can improve your business thanks to those benefit effects.