Protection your Products and Brands on Marketplaces around the World


Counterfeits, use of your designs or your brand names, GREY products… Take the control Back !

Brand Protection on Marketplaces, Discover our Services.

Audit And Consulting

The first step is to make an inventory and perceive the actions to take according to what is really happening.

In order to help you understand, we audit for you the presence of your brand and products on Marketplaces and targeted countries.

Following this, we give you a complete report allowing you, on your side, to consider or not corrective actions.


If you have already collected this data and wish to remove or report these offenders to your image or trademark right, we will support you on a short, medium or long term basis.

In order to regain control over your brand and its distribution, we assist you reporting and removal offenders, and we provide you with reports of activities and specific results preventing recurrence.

Brand Protection on Marketplaces – How do we work ?



We launch our detection tools based on your targeting criteria: Brands, Keywords, chosen Marketplace or targeted countries. We give you a complete review of the use of your brand name or product on the selected targets.



Following the detection step, we identify the entities that are behind the use of your brand. You will be able to validate or invalidate the companies in violation in order to be able to treat the infringements with the appropriate services.

Intermediate Report that can be Communicated to your Legal Teams



After identifying the infringements, we report directly to Marketplaces Team according the agreed process. Irregular uses will be removed to allow you to reclaim your listings on Marketplaces.



Next to that, we produce a detailed report based on actions undertaken and the concrete results we provided. We will be able to set up a regular follow-up to react to the potential recidivists on Marketplaces and selected product listings.

Our Goals


Grant you brand and products control on Marketplaces.

Multi Source

Whether it’s from an image, a keyword or your brand name we can detect any infringement from these different sources.

Cross Border

Because your products are sold without borders, we give you a clear vision and a global detection on where the products are coming from.


Our goal is to validate the actions taken, we inform you on a regular basis about the new threats and validate the good removal of the old ones.

Are you willing to Protect your Brand ans Products on Marketplaces ?

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