Supply Chain and Logistics for Marketplaces


Because Supply Chain, Delivery and Product Returns are equally important as your Marketing actions.

Supply Chain and Logistics for Marketplaces – Our Customized and Dedicated Services

Audit And Consulting

Because your procurement and logistics processes are developed to meet your customers demand, they may need to be tailored to fit Marketplaces distribution.

We are starting by auditing your current assets and  propose you to improve your tools and processes to facilitate the distribution of your products on Marketplaces while providing the actual demand.


We support your adaptation and / or transformation by supporting you on all steps of your Supply Chain and Logistics for Marketplaces processes.

From the definition of your needs to operational implementation through project management and deployment, we offer you a customized and tailor-made expertise.

Our Expertise Areas about your Supply Chain and Logistics for Marketplaces


Packaging and its development determines both the way of producing, storing and shipping your goods but also your customers final experience.

If it is thought and optimized, the packaging of your product, logistics or marketing, can become a major part in your strategic and commercial performance.


The storage of your products, their lifespan, inventory turnover and optimization are several aspects of the value chain, essential to your P&L management.

Its optimization has now become more complex due to an increase in volumes and the wish for immediacy imposed by major e-commerce makers.

All these expertise areas can handled together or independently


Product Shipping  is the final step before using it. This is also one of the last cost items before calculating your P & L.

To optimize this crucial step, we bring to your company, a dedicated expertise according to your products, your customers and your constraints.


Returns management can be time and cost consuming, but it also guarantees your growth on the Marketplaces. This ensures the quality of your products and your customer service.

In order to reduce the financial and operational negative impact, we bring to your company the right solutions and reflections to turn this constraint into a strategic advantage.

Our Goals


Support you in the Marketplaces World understanding in term of Supply Chain and Logistics.


First of all, we are focusing on the way you are working in order to optimize it.

Cost Decrease

Find the right formula to optimize costs and time/resources aspects About Supply Chain and Logistic for Marketplaces.

Create opportunities

New processes often give you the way to grow with new opportunities because of the learning curve it brings you.

Do you have a question about how we can help you optimize your processes ?

Contact us let speak about the way to simplify and automatize Supply Chain and Logistics for Marketplaces.