Because Marketplaces can be
great opportunities rather than a threat for your brand…

Because Marketplaces can become a real business driving activity…

Because Marketplaces are the shorter way to reach and better know your customers…



Sellingz Agency is specialized in operational support and advice dedicated to products distribution on Marketplaces.

Our goal is to provide the right strategy serving the goals defined by our clients. We work with many Marketplaces in all European countries, and also in North America and Asia. We assist our clients in their internationalization as well as brand protection aspects.

Based on an established online distribution strategy, we leverage our global network, tools and expertise to support our customers’ performance on Marketplaces while ensuring full control over their brands and products.

Our vision is protective and creates incremental values. We provide innovation while sustaining the existing business. We guarantee results by offering performance based packages that limit the risks for our customers in order to support them over time.




In charge of Development

Thomas Santanac

For more than 5 years, Thomas has been working in the web industry and more specifically in online sales. After a first experience in the operational management of a Marketplace, he joined a web agency specializing in e-commerce. He advises and assists many clients in their e-business strategy in France and Europe.



In Charge of Operations

Pierre Lavigne

With more than 10 years in digital and e-commerce industry, Pierre has assisted many clients in the development of their online sales on the Marketplaces in Canada and Europe with more than 5 million euros cumulated on the various European Marketplaces.



Digital and E-commerce are two fast changing industries. Our experience and each new partnership helps us to learn and be more and more efficient in order to create added values for our clients and partners. This stage is at the very beginning of our services and therefore, one of our values.


Innovation is key to maintain skills and move faster than ever. We continuously innovate with our tools and processes to enable our clients and partners to adapt their businesses and meet the constraints and opportunities of selling products on the Marketplaces.


Of course, all this knowledge and innovation must be shared in order to grow and adapt processes and tasks to each situation. That’s why we share as much as possible our experiences, our results, our knowledge and our researches, so we can together create common intelligence that will serve all the players in the E-commerce processes on the Marketplaces.


Perpetuate added values is the most important of our values. It’s easy to create opportunities online, but it’s harder to sustain those opportunities on the long term scale so that they become true added values and real strategic benefits for businesses. We therefore assist our clients in all aspects of the value chain to put in place processes that are sustainable and ready to adapt to future opportunities.